Metal & Recycling FAQs

At Amabutho Metal Recycling we pride ourselves on efficiency and have, therefore, created a list of comprehensive FAQs to ensure you that all your questions are answered.

What does your business recycle?

We recycle anything that is made primarily of plastic and ferrous metals.

Do you collect or can we deliver?

Yes – We can arrange collection and you are more than welcome to deliver your scrap.

Do I have to unload myself?

No – Our team of knowledgeable and friendly staff will weigh and assist you to unload and categorise the scrap.

How do I weigh the scrap?

We have a state-tested digital scale that is visible to you at all times.

If you require further assistance or would like to speak to our team, feel free to call 012 753 0006 or email

Recycling For A Sustainable Future